Collection: Games for Age 2歲寶寶遊戲

Games for Age 2歲寶寶遊戲

小寶寶正在經歷驚人的蛻變,現在,你已經準備好看到他們展開蝴蝶翅膀,透過他們的第一個棋盤遊戲飛向一個全新的水平。 在 MY SCHOOL BUS,我們隨時為您和他們提供幼兒教育桌遊的協助。 我們的2歲寶寶遊戲是由教師和教育工作者為 2 歲兒童開發,採用易於握持的大型木塊和易於遵循的規則,為您帶來難忘的樂趣時刻。

The little one in your life is going through a stunning metamorphosis, and now, you’re ready to see them spread their butterfly wings and fly to a whole new level with their very first board game. At MY SCHOOL BUS, we’re here to help both you and them with our educational board games for toddlers. Developed by teachers and educators for 2-year-olds, our introductory games feature large wooden pieces that are easy to hold and easy-to-follow rules for unforgettably fun moments.