Collection: Masterkidz STEM Wall 多功能活動牆系統

Masterkidz STEM Wall 多功能活動牆 - 可無限拓展牆面學習系統

全球首創 一款擁有設計專利的牆面STEM學習系統,加上不同的學習配套,小朋友透過親手操作 ( Hands-On Experience) 在體驗中學習科學 ( Science)、技術 ( Technology)、工程 ( Engineering) 和數學 ( Mathematics)。

由權威幼兒教育專家設計開發 - 創造了一套附有無限想像空間含高度操作性的牆面學習系統,一個小小工程師的表演舞台! 活動牆面系統操作原理簡單,小朋友可瞬間掌握。從崁入插釘到栓緊螺絲,難度一步一步提升,老師也適時加入不同的配套教具做多方深度拓展。 Masterkidz STEM 的每件產品均經過精心製作,用最優質的木材、塑膠和金屬,生產提供經久耐用的優質產品。 每件產品都經過品質測試,並在製造過程中接受嚴格的品質檢查。

Add these to your walls of your classroom or play area to create your own STEM wall. These are great for working in with the space you have available and provide a permanent STEM resource that takes up very little space. These panels come with the hardware to attach them to a wall and easily sit side by side to provide a seamless STEM solution for the children to interact with. These are made in a durable plastic design to maintain their shape and functionality over time. They are lightweight to easily mount on a wall and come with rounded edges that provides a soft and safe finish.

The Masterkidz STEM wall provides a complete STEM resource for the children to explore. Children can build sequences and pictures using colourful pegs, screw in bolts to build working gear trains, or use tubes to make interesting journeys for balls or for water to flow through. This allows the children to create their own unique designs while developing their gross motor, teamwork and creative thinking skills. Children will develop their understanding of the key STEM concepts in a fun and hands on way that will assist them memorising what is being taught and adapting this to other areas of their lives. There are a number of accessories sold separately that screw to the wall and provide great storage solutions and display pieces that can be added or removed as needed.

Each of the Masterkidz STEM resources are quality made with an emphasis on providing the best quality items that perform consistently and seamlessly work together. The best quality wood, plastic and metal are sourced to provide quality products that last. Each item has been quality tested and is the subject of strict quality checks in the manufacturing process. These items will last for years to come and will assist in providing the educational benefits the children need to develop and grow.