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Eurekakids Doll House with Furnitures 娃娃屋連家具

Eurekakids Doll House with Furnitures 娃娃屋連家具

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Eurekakids Doll House with Furnitures  娃娃屋連家具


  • 自由玩
  • 想像力
  • 社交技巧
  • 認知思考能力

這款折疊娃娃屋是可折疊的。 所有配件都可放入玩具屋中,將所有物品打包起來非常容易。 只需將其插入玩具屋並扣上即可。 緊湊且易於存放。

材質: 木


Educational Benifit:

  • Free play
  • imagination
  • Social Skill
  • Cognitive Thinking Skill

This folding doll house is collapsible. All the accessories fit into the dollhouseIt's super easy to pack everything up. Just stick it into the dollhouse and snap it closed. Compact and easy storage. 

Material: wood

Size: 31*26*24cm

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