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Marker Cones Assorted Color Set of 36個標誌盤套裝

Marker Cones Assorted Color Set of 36個標誌盤套裝

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Marker Cones Assorted Color Set of 36個標誌盤套裝



Material: PVC

Size of H8783X6  diameter: 20 * Height 5cm

Size of H10244X6 diameter:20 * Height 10cm

These cones are made of a soft polyethylene material that allows them to withstand heavy use without tearing, cracking, or deforming. The two sizes provide flexibility for training or sports activities. These cones have a greater thickness compared to similar products in the market, ensuring that even when stepped on, they won't break but rather bounce back to their original shape. They can be easily stacked, saving a significant amount of space. The set includes 6 vibrant colors that are easy to wipe clean. These cones are not easily knocked over or stepped on, reducing the risk of injury. They are essential equipment for track and field activities.

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