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Gonge Mini Stilts 本體覺訓練 - 高蹺

Gonge Mini Stilts 本體覺訓練 - 高蹺

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Gonge Mini Stilts 本體覺訓練 - 高蹺 Model 2195 | Age 3-7


專為年幼的孩子開發的獨特高蹺。 硬橡膠手柄提供良好的抓握力,可適應兒童的身高。 根據孩子的勇敢程度,孩子可以使用鬆散的平台調整高蹺的高度(從 3 公分到 15 公分)。 即使是小朋友也能夠輕鬆安全地安裝或拆卸平台。 迷你高蹺比盆式高蹺或傳統的木製高蹺更適合年幼的孩子使用。 這些手柄可以讓年齡較大的孩子或成人幫助尚未掌握高蹺的年幼孩子。 由塑膠底座製成,鞋底和手柄為人造橡膠。 四個平台由塑膠製成。 最大負載 100 公斤。

Unique stilts especially developed for younger children. The hard rubber handles provide a good grip that can be adapted to the height of the child. Depending on how brave the child is, the child can adjust the height of the stilts using the loose plateaus (from 3 cm to 15 cm). Even small children are able easily and safely to mount or remove the plateaux. The Mini Stilts are easier for younger children to use than pot stilts or traditional wooden stilts. The handles allow an older child or an adult to help younger children who have not yet mastered the stilts on their own. Made of plastic base with sole and handle of artificial rubber. The four plateaux are made of plastic. Maximum load 100 kg.


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