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Gonge Ring Toss 彩虹套圈遊戲

Gonge Ring Toss 彩虹套圈遊戲

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Gonge Ring Toss 彩虹套圈遊戲
Model 2908 | Age 3-99

具有獨特品質和設計的經典遊戲。 每位小朋友都喜愛的投擲遊戲對身體和精神都具有挑戰性,因為它需要集中注意力和身體控制來評估距離並精確地投擲。 同時,遊戲也很有趣,可以用於多種比賽。 遊戲包括兩個支架,可以多角度放置,使很小的孩子更容易玩遊戲。

A traditional game in a unique quality and design. The popular tossing game is challenging both physically and mentally as it requires concentration and body control to assess the distance and throw the rings with precision. At the same time, the game is fun as it can be used in many kinds of competition. The game includes two supports so that it can be placed at an angle to make the game easier for very small children.


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