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Masterkidz STEM WALL Pipe Builders' Kit STEM 活動牆 - 管道工匠

Masterkidz STEM WALL Pipe Builders' Kit STEM 活動牆 - 管道工匠

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Masterkidz STEM WALL Pipe Builders' Kit STEM活動牆 - 管道工匠

Model no.
ME14788 STEM WALL 80 Piece Pipe Builders' Kit STEM活動牆 - 管道工匠80件套
ME13064 STEM WALL 119 Piece Pipe Builders' Kit STEM活動牆 - 管道工匠119件套

有兩種套件可供選擇,其中包含所需的所有組件 - 大型套件包含 119 件 ME 13064,小型套件包含 80 件 ME14788。 每個套件包含透明的剛性和柔性塑膠管,以及一系列固定支架(帶螺絲連接器)、止動閥、彎頭(90 度和135 度)、T 型連接器、水龍頭、傾倒罐、漏斗和5 個彩色球。

119 件套件包含更多的零件選擇和一些附加組件,以便能夠在更複雜的球系統上工作。


使用管道建造套件,孩子們可以製作有趣的水道或球道,並將它們固定在任何乾牆上。 他們可以設計、規劃和建造各種路線,然後驚奇地觀看並測試和調整路線,使水或球在重力作用下向下流動。 看到事物通過晶瑩剔透的管道通過床和 T 型連接器層疊起來非常有趣,並且真正的技術和工程正在發揮作用。 閥門允許水流或阻止水流,以確保水流回流。 這些套件為孩子們在小組工作時建造、討論和修改他們的設計提供了很好的機會。

額外組件:強烈建議使用工作水泵 (ME13149),可單獨購買,以便將水抽回運行頂部。

There are two kits available which contain all the components required – a large kit with 119 pieces ME 13064 and a smaller kit with 80 pieces ME14788. Each kit contains clear rigid and flexible plastic tubing, plus a selection of fixing brackets (with screw in connectors), stop values, bends, (at 90 and 135 degrees), T connectors, a tap, pouring jugs, funnels and 5 colourful balls.

The 119 piece kit contains a larger selection of pieces and a few additional components to enable work on more complex ball systems.

Note: See individual component list beneath each kit code.

Using the Pipe Builders' Kits, children can make interesting water chutes or ball runs and fix these to any STEM WALL. They can design, plan and build various routes and then watch in amazement as they test and adjust them to make water or balls flow downwards under the force of gravity. Seeing things cascade through the crystal-clear pipework negotiating the beds and T connectors is great fun and real technology and engineering in action. Valves permit waterflow or can stop it, to see it back-up. These kits provide great opportunities for children to build, discuss and modify their designs while working in small groups.

Extra Component: Highly recommended, is a working Water Pump (ME13149) which can be purchased separately to enable the water to be pumped back to the top of the run.

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