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Wall Elements - How are You Feeling 牆面遊戲 - 情緒學習板

Wall Elements - How are You Feeling 牆面遊戲 - 情緒學習板

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Masterkidz Wall Elements - How are You Feeling 牆面遊戲 - 情緒學習板

Product code : ME15273

牆面遊戲 - 情緒學習板 幫助孩子們了解面部表情以及它們告訴我們一個人的情緒和感受。 從一張帶有可移動部件的大臉開始,孩子們可以改變眼睛、嘴巴、鼻子和眉毛,讓臉看起來生氣、快樂或悲傷。 在成人的指導下,可以鼓勵他們表現出最能描述他們現在的感受或害怕、悲傷或害羞時的感受的面部表情。 透過關注情緒,孩子會進行自我反思,並對自己的正面和負面情緒有更深入的了解。 分組工作時,老師可以要求個別孩子將情緒表設定到正確的水平,以表示他們在特定情況下的悲傷、快樂和憤怒程度,從1 到5,例如撫摸狗、玩耍、在公園散步等。不同的孩子會根據他們的喜好和厭惡,會對這些情況做出不同的反應。 該板提供了一種探索和理解情緒的絕佳互動方式。

尺寸(公分):長:46 寬:3 高:46

The How Are You Feeling Learning Board helps children learn about facial expressions and what they tell us about a person's mood and feelings. Starting with a large face with movable parts, children can alter the eyes, mouth, nose and eyebrows to make the face look angry, happy or sad. Directed by an adult, they can be encouraged to show the facial expression which best describes how they are feeling now or how they feel when they are scared, sad or feeling shy. By focusing in on emotions, the child will become self-reflective and gain a greater understanding of their positive and negative emotions. Working in groups a teacher can ask individual children to set mood meters to the right level to indicate their sadness, happiness and anger levels from 1 to 5 given a specific situation such as stroking a dog, playing, walking in the park etc. Different children will respond differently to these situations based upon their likes and dislikes. The board provides an excellent interactive way of exploring and understanding emotions.

Size (cm): L:46 W:3 H:46

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