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Montessori Sandpaper Letter Tracing Tray 蒙特梭利書寫練習沙盤

Montessori Sandpaper Letter Tracing Tray 蒙特梭利書寫練習沙盤

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Montessori Sandpaper Letter Tracing Tray without sandpaper 蒙特梭利書寫練習沙盤 (不含字母砂紙板)


  • Tactile Learning - This Montessori-inspired sand tracing tray is a fun and tactile way for children to learn how to write letters, numbers and make sand art. ENJOY LEARNING through fun play in the classroom, at home.
  • Write With Confidence - Perfect wooden Montessori tray for children just starting to learn letter recognition, formation, writing & drawing. Tracing on sand helps the child develop confidence in forming letters and numbers in free hand style.
  • Set Includes - 1 solid sand tracing tray measuring 39x25x3.5cm,  1 wooden stylus,  a scraper to pull over the sand to spread the sand out evenly after use and fine white sand 500g.
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