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Origami Paper One Sided 50 Colours 50 Pieces Set 摺紙50色50張套裝

Origami Paper One Sided 50 Colours 50 Pieces Set 摺紙50色50張套裝

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Origami Paper 50 Colours 50 Pieces Set 摺紙50色50張套裝

  • 這是最受歡迎的摺紙紙。 這種紙的重量約為 60 GSM,只有一面有顏色,折疊表面光滑,薄而堅固,具有良好的摺痕維持能力。 這種單面色紙在日文中稱為“KAMI”,是世界各地摺紙文件夾的真正標準。
  • 摺紙是根據長時間的教學和摺合設計的。 這正宗的摺紙在中國製造,使用最優質的無毒墨水,並經過機器切割以達到精確的精度。 它就是標準摺紙的最高品質。
  • 您可以使用這種標準摺紙進行摺紙創作,從簡單的船、起重機和花朵到更複雜的模型,如恐龍、動物和花朵。
  • THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR PAPER FOR ORIGAMI. With about 60 GSM weight, color on one side, and a smooth folding surface, this paper is thin but strong and has great crease memory. This kind of one-sided color paper is called "KAMI" in Japanese and is the True Standard for origami folders around the world.
  • ORIGAMI paper was designed and curated by our staff based on countless hours of teaching & folding. This authentic paper is made in China, uses the highest quality non-toxic inks, and is machine cut for pin-point accuracy. It is simply the highest quality for standard origami paper.
  • ORIGAMI CREATIONS you can make with this standard origami paper range from simple boats, cranes, and flowers to more elaborate models like dinosaurs, animals and flowers.
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