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Spielwelle Head Up & Down Body Control Game 頭頭疊身體控制訓練遊戲

Spielwelle Head Up & Down Body Control Game 頭頭疊身體控制訓練遊戲

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Spielwelle Head Up & Down Body Control Game 頭頭疊身體控制訓練遊戲

(Heb an & Leg Ab!)




Skillful stacking with your head
Strap on the head crane, get the pallets ready and the stacking can begin. But it is not stacked with the hands, but with the head. Bring the hook of the head crane to the pallet, lift it and stack it on top of each other. Play competitively against each other or each for themselves. At Pick Up & Put Down! What is most important is the correct coordination of the neck muscles and skill as well as calm and patience throughout the whole body. It is a fun game to encourage movement and support children's motor skills.

What does pick up & put down! so special?
Training the motor skills of the head
Coordination of complex movement sequences (eye-head coordination)
Use of the neck/back muscles
immense fun
2 children can play against each other in direct competition
Different game variants: restacking + stacking up
Made from sturdy multiplex wood

Item number: 7317
for 1-2 children
Age: from 3 years

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