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Grampus Toddler Badminton Play Set 幼兒羽毛球拍

Grampus Toddler Badminton Play Set 幼兒羽毛球拍

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Toddler Badminton Play Set 幼兒羽毛球拍

Model no. H44329

採用環保材料製成,手柄長度17.5cm 握柄2.5cm,柄短適合幼稚園小朋友使用!正圓形網拍採用7彩高彈網繩,擊球面積大,提高接打成功率,提高自信心和培養運動樂趣。邊框都採用全包設計,防滑減震;從小學習羽毛球可以促進協調使頭腦更加靈活,培養小朋友溝通能力,提高團隊精神,開發智力提高反應能力。
材質:NBR, 金屬

Made of environmentally friendly materials, the handle length is 17.5cm and the grip is 2.5cm. The short handle is suitable for kindergarten children! The perfect round tennis racket uses 7-color high-elastic net rope, which has a large hitting area, improves the success rate of receiving and hitting, improves self-confidence and cultivates sports fun. The borders are all-inclusive design, non-slip and shock-absorbing; learning badminton from an early age can promote coordination and make the mind more flexible, cultivate children's communication skills, improve team spirit, develop intelligence and improve reaction ability.
Features: edging design, 7-color high-elastic mesh rope, 6 nylon badminton balls and one EVA ball delivered
Material: NBR, metal
Specifications: 23*45cm, handle 17.5*2.5cm, badminton 8cm, EVA ball Φ6cm

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