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Transparent Pattern Blocks 140 Pieces 透明形狀塊 140個

Transparent Pattern Blocks 140 Pieces 透明形狀塊 140個

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2267240103031 Transparent Pattern Blocks 140 Pieces 透明形狀塊 140個

圖案塊包裝在帶蓋子和提把的存儲罐中。 這是一項可以隨身攜帶的有趣活動!

Includes 140 pieces of pattern blocks which makes unlimit pictures!
Contains 1 shaped dice, which can be used for games such as classifying and identifying colors. Also introduce children to various shapes and various combinations.
Transparent Pattern Blocks are ideal for use on a light panel to explore attributes and color mixing.
Pieces feature raised edges, making them easy to pick up.
The pattern blocks are packaged in a storage jar with lid and carry handle. A fun activity to take with you anywhere!
6 shapes and 6 colors

2267240103045 Transparent Pattern Blocks Playset 透明形狀塊遊戲套裝

遊戲套裝包括 140 個形狀塊、46 張雙面遊戲活動卡、1 個形狀骰子 及 1 個儲物容器

Game set includes 140 shape pieces, 46 double-sided game activity cards, 1 shape die and 1 storage container
Math skills, color recognition, sorting abilities, and hand-eye coordination are just some of the skills your child will learn!
Have fun learning with game activity cards and dice activities such as identifying shapes, colors, matching, hand-eye coordination, counting, and more...

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