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Twirl The Ultimate Book of Vehicles 交通工具 終極百科立體書

Twirl The Ultimate Book of Vehicles 交通工具 終極百科立體書

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Twirl The Ultimate Book of Vehicles 交通工具 終極百科立體書

如此多的各種形狀和尺寸的車輛填滿了這個超大的體積,裡面裝滿了載人和物到任何地方的東西! 一台巨型起重機盤旋在建築工地上空,一枚火箭呼嘯著升入太空... 大量的跨頁配有極其詳細的插圖,值得一次又一次地仔細研究。 最重要的是,大量的翻蓋、彈出窗口、拉環和旋轉輪使各種車輛栩栩如生。 讀者將深入船艙,探索垃圾車的內部結構,並幫助拆除房屋。 任何對引擎的轟鳴感興趣的孩子都會喜歡這個非凡的移動物品收藏!

格式: 精裝本
書號: 9782848019420

So many vehicles, of all shapes and sizes, fill this oversize volume that's all about things that take people and things everywhere! A giant crane hovers over a construction site, a rocket roars into space . . . Generous spreads feature marvelously detailed illustrations that just beg to be pored over again and again. Best of all, lots of flaps, pop-ups, pull-tabs, and rotating wheels bring the various vehicles to life. Readers will poke into a ship's hold, explore the innards of a garbage truck, and help demolish a house. Any child who's ever been intrigued by the roar of an engine will adore this extraordinary collection of things on the go!

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9782848019420

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