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Twirl The Ultimate Book of Water 水資源 終極百科立體書

Twirl The Ultimate Book of Water 水資源 終極百科立體書

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Twirl The Ultimate Book of Water 水資源 終極百科立體書

探索迷人的水世界! 從微小的水滴到巨大的海洋,地球上最重要的自然資源之一流經陸地和地下,形成冰山,甚至存在於空氣中。 這本互動書提供了全面的概述,探索水從何而來以及它如何為所有生物提供水,等等! 讀者可以了解水循環,與海洋動物一起潛入海洋,追蹤水如何從湖泊流到我們的家中,並探索水能在我們日常生活中的利用方式。
• 超大跨頁配有詳細插圖,值得重複細讀
• 超過 60 個用於實踐學習的互動式翻板、選項卡、彈出視窗等
• 教育內容由專家審核


Discover the fascinating world of water! From a tiny drop to an enormous ocean, one of Earth's most important natural resources flows over land and underground, forms icebergs, and is even found in the air. This interactive book provides a comprehensive overview, exploring where water comes from and how it provides for all living things, and more! Readers can find out about the water cycle, dive into the ocean with marine animals, trace how water gets from a lake to our homes and explore ways in which water energy is used in our daily lives.
• Supersized spreads feature detailed illustrations that just beg to be pored over again and again
• More than 60 interactive flaps, tabs, pop-ups and more for hands-on learning
• Educational content reviewed by an expert

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9791036338793

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