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Wenno Insects Counters 60 pcs 迷你昆蟲模型

Wenno Insects Counters 60 pcs 迷你昆蟲模型

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Wenno Insects Counters 60 pcs 迷你昆蟲模型

這款產品包含 60 個迷你昆蟲模型。通過不同的應用,孩子們可以認識不同昆蟲的名稱和特徵,這也讓他們初步掌握簡單的數學概念,為他們建立良好的數學基礎。



Wenno的產品在全球銷售,符合EN71、ASTM和ST等世界玩具安全標準,適合兒童安全使用。Wenno的生產過程符合環境保護要求,獲得ISO 14006生態設計認證。該工廠獲得ICTI國際玩具協會認證、ISO 9001質量認證,還獲得香港Q標質量產品認證。

This product contains 48 mini insect figurines. Through different applications, children can recognize different names of insects and their characteristics, which also allows children to initially grasp simple mathematical concepts and build a good mathematical foundation for them.


60 Pieces Insect Figurines: Includes Ant, Cricket, Spider, Fly, Beetles, Giant Spider, Cicadidae, Bee, Grasshopper, Mantis, Scorpion, and Dragonfly etc...


This product is suitable for children aged 3 or above. This product contains small accessories, please use it under the supervision of an adult. This product is made of BASF Germany medical-grade raw material and uses environmentally friendly water-based paint, the animal figurine in this product can be cleaned with water without fade, suitable for children. 

Safety Certification:

  • Wenno’s products are sold worldwide, line with the world’s toy safety standards including EN71, ASTM, and ST, which is suitable for children to use safely. 
  •  The production process of Wenno complies with environmental protection production, obtained ISO 14006 ecological design. The factory has obtained ICTI International Toy Association certification, ISO 9001 quality certification, and also Hong Kong Q-mark quality product certification. 
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