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When I'm feeling Collection 10 Books 毛毛兔10冊套裝

When I'm feeling Collection 10 Books 毛毛兔10冊套裝

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When I'm feeling Collection 10 Books 毛毛兔10冊套裝 

誠意推介 兒童EQ情緒管理的最佳幫手


全球知名兒童作家Trace Moroney力作, 跟著可愛的毛毛兔一同輕鬆的了解自己心裡的感受

閱讀中認識+清楚自己內心的情緒變化, 家長也能從孩子的角度,幫助他們輕鬆快樂地接納和管理情緒。

毛毛兔EQ情緒學習故事繪本全球銷售已逾600萬套 , 深受許多家長與小朋友喜愛

讓孩子在故事中學會認識與管理自己的情緒☺ 培養孩子良好品格的最佳選擇 而家長從旁協助孩子的互動,也能增加親子間的有效溝通


1. When I’m Feeling Angry

2. When I’m Feeling Kind

3. When I’m Feeling Scared

4. When I’m Feeling Love

5. When I’m Feeling Jealous

6. When I’m Feeling Lonely

7. When I’m Feeling Happy

8. When I’m Feeling Sad

9. When I’m Feeling Nervous

10. When I’m Disappointed

When I'm Feeling Series by Trace Moroney

A series of 10 books Paperback in English 20 pages Size of each book: 20cm x 20cmThe When I’m Feeling series has been carefully designed to help children better understand their feelings and shares examples of ways to express those feelings in a way that is both appropriate and acceptable to themselves and others.Helping our young children develop skills to identify and manage their feelings leads to an increase in confidence, self-esteem, and an optimistic and hopeful state of mind - creating a healthy emotional foundation.Each book includes notes for parents and caregivers.

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